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Check out the amazing changes of Yelam and Love now!

In June, Yelam and Love, who suffered from skin problems, visited the Hydrotherapy Center in Avene, South France


[Avène] #Review of a real user who used cicalfate

#Real Cicalfate Read the review by Chung, ** who experienced a three-week remarkable change by joining the #Experience group of this must-have item.


[Avène] #Real Cicalfate #Texture #Good to apply #Fact check

Is the cicalfate formula sticky? You will be pleased to know that- it is absorbed into the skin right after applying. Watch the video now.


[Avène] Hot summer! What you need is Avène Hydrance serum

Our skin loses water regardless of skin type due to the heat of the sun and constant air-conditioning. See the secret of keeping your skin hydrated in the video.


[Avène] #0% preservative Avène CPI Skin Recovery Cream

Avène CPI Skin Recovery Cream, have you used it yet? See why many professionals praise it so highly!


Extreme Dry Skin Care - Arthurmaxoma

This product contains Les Albait Cecun Care which gives a quick soothing effect to extreme dry skin. It works well on soft dry skin.


[Ducray] Keracnyl PP cream, 3-week review

Trouble SOS cream “Keracnyl PP” real 3-week review video.


[Klorane] Lots of nutrition for dull and breaking hair! “Klorane Mango Story”

What #shampoo do you need if you are worried about your dull and breaking #hair? The answer is #Klorane's Mango shampoo!


[Klorane] Vitality for the scalp! Increase the volume of your hair! Number 1 hair strengthening quinine shampoo in France

# Vitality for the scalp! # Increase the volume of your hair! Discover #Klorane's number 1 hair-strengthening #quinine line, built on plant science!


[Klorane] How can I make my coloured hair last longer? Klorane's pomegranate shampoo

Even with a careful dyeing process, why does it last for a very short period of time? Wash your hair with #Klorane's #pomegranate shampoo after dyeing it!

Rene Furterer

Absolute keratin

Absolute Keratin's power for pole damage hair. Rene Furter's Absolue Keratin [ABSOLUE KERATINE]

Rene Furterer

[René Furterer] The secrets of green grains

The secret of voluminous hair by the hair designer, “Tae Hoon”, is René Furterer's Forticea shampoo! Check it out now!

Rene Furterer

[René Furterer] Special video to celebrate 60 years 03

René Furterer is introducing Triphasic ATP, a treatment which focuses on scalp care. René Furterer has been loved by people who have scalp and hair issues for around 30 years.

Rene Furterer

[René Furterer] How to use the Triphasic ATP

[Rapunzel ampoule] The ampoule consistently focuses on weakened scalp and hair

Rene Furterer

[René Furterer] How to use the Astera Fresh shampoo

[Refreshing cooling shampoo] Do you have itchy and sensitive scalp? For fast soothing, cooling shampoo, we recommend the Astera Fresh Shampoo.